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Separation Anxiety


Dogs are pack animals so it is quite natural for them to feel anxious when they are left on their own. If you are out at work all day maybe consider:

  • Doggy Day Care
  • A Pet Sitter
  • A friend or relative to pop in and give them company
  • A Dog Walker

There are behaviour modification techniques to help reduce their anxiety.

  1. Avoid interaction and even eye contact with your dog for 10-30mins before leaving. Do not engage in elaborate goodbyes as this increases their anxiety.
  2. Leave in casual clothes and put your work clothes on at work.
  3. Pack the car the night before if this is a usual departure cue.
  4. Leave a high reward treat (A Kong toy stuffed full of yummy treats) that your dog only gets when you leave the house. They will soon start to associate your departure with something good.
  5. Leave the radio or TV on for them if this helps.
  6. Plug in a calming pheromone diffuser. These can be purchased from us.
  7. On your arrival do not initiate an excitable reunion. Ignore them until they are calm and relaxed. When they are, engage with them and reward them for their good behaviour.
  8. If they have damaged property or soiled themselves DO NOT punish them.
  9. Practice "Dummy Goodbyes".  Pick up your car keys, put your shoes and coat on and leave for 1 minute. Then return without any fuss. Keep doing this, increasing the time that you are away.
  10. Learn how to crate train them so they have a place where they can feel safe, their "den".

If you are at all worried about your dog's behaviour please call us on 01925 224839 to book a behaviour consultation. There are also medicines that we can prescribe to help reduce anxiety while behaviour modifcation is being carried out.