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At Newton Vets we recommend you get your dog and rabbit neutered from 6 months of age and your cat from 4 months of age because of all the health and behavioural benefits it offers.


  1. Prevents unwanted litters
  2. Less likely to stray and suffer from accidents
  3. Eliminates the risks of some cancers e.g. testicular cancer/prostate cancer/ ovarian cancer/mammary cancer.
  4. Improves sociability
  5. Prevents Pyometra in Female Dogs (A womb full of pus which can be fatal) and Phantom Pregancies (which can make them feel off-colour)
  6. Increases life expectancy


  1. Prevents unwanted litters
  2. Less likely to fight with neighbouring cats
  3. Reduces the risk of cancer of the womb and mammary glands
  4. Doubles the life expectancy of your cat


  1. Prevents unwanted litters
  2. Decreases aggression and urine spraying
  3. Prevents phantom pregnancies in female rabbits which can make them aggressive
  4. Increases life expectancy as 80% of rabbits over the age of 5 develop cancer of the womb

When your pet is neutered at Newton Vets, you drop them off to us in the morning and then they can go home that afternoon. You will need to starve them the night before, although water can be left down for them. If you have any questions or would like to book them in for neutering please call us on 01925 224839.