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The Lost Pet Checklist


  1. If your pet is microchipped, inform the company the microchip is registerd with. We use Petlog microchips (Tel: 01296 336579)
  2. Thoroughly check your property and your gargen to make sure they haven't got stuck anywhere
  3. Ask your neighbours to check inside their sheds/greenhouses/garages etc.
  4. Chat with your postman/woman and get them to keep a look out for you in the local area.
  5. Search your local area immediately and put up missing pet posters
  6. Call us on 01925 224839 and let us know. Bring in a poster so we can display it for you and put it on facebook / twitter.
  7. Call the local dog warden and animal shelters
  8. Place an advert in the local newspaper
  9. Register your pet on as many lost pet websites as possible