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Hot Weather Tips


Dogs & Cats:

  1. Do not leave them in cars/conservatories or caravans even if you have the windows down
  2. Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water available to drink in various locations. Sometimes putting ice cubes into the drinking water encourages them to drink
  3. Walk your dogs at dusk and dawn when it is cooler and make sure their is always shade available if you are staying outdoors with them
  4. If your cat or dog has furless areas on their nose/ears/tummy rub in some sun cream to prevent sun burn
  5. If your animal is long-haired, consider having them cut short for the summer months


Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & other Small Furries:

  1. Always make sure the hutch and part of the run is kept in the shade at all the various points throughout the day
  2. Keep drinking bottle and bowls topped up with fresh cold water
  3. A water bottle kept in the freezer overnight can provide great relief to hot bunnies, or a ceramic tile that has been kept in the fridge