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Feeding Your Pet



Newton Vets constantly strives to provide the best products and services. It is for this reason that we stock the Veterinary Exclusive Royal Canin Pet Food, the best in animal nutrition. The different diets are taylored to meet your animal's needs throughout life. There are even special veterinary diets for certain medical conditions.

As the saying goes "You are what you eat". What you feed your pet can make a big difference to their health and well being.

It shouldn't be a "One Size Fits All" Food. What you feed should depend on:

  1. Breed
  2. Age
  3. Size
  4. Amount of exercise
  5. Whether they have been neutered or not
  6. Medical Problems

When they are young they need to be on a Junior Diet to cater for their high energy requirements and to provide a steady rate of growth. It needs to be highly digestible, and also contain vitamins and minerals to support their developing immune system.

With time, your pet will move onto an Adult diet, and then onto a Mature Senior diet. The age at which the diet is changed will vary depending on breed and size. Changing the diet at each lifestage is necessary to account for age related changes. For instance, muscle mass in lost and fat stores are increased with age. Different amounts of protein, salt and calcium are also needed, and the diets are scientifically designed, after much research, to cater for this.

When your pet is neutered it is also an important time to change their diet. Within 48hrs of being neutered their appetite increases, yet their energy requirements will decrease, so a specialised neutered diet is essential.

At Newton Vets we are happy to do a FREE Nutrition Consultation to talk you through the best diet for your pet.

How many times a day should I feed my pet?

We would recommend feeding your dog 3 times a day up until 5 months of age, and then twice daily lifelong.

Cats can be fed ad libitum, meaning the food is left down all day for them to graze on.