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Collecting a urine sample

Collecting a DOG urine sample


You will need a CLEAN container e.g. old ice cream tub or food storage container. When your dog is in mid-flow place the container into the stream and collect the urine. Then decant it into a small urine pot, with a syringe, that can be given to you free of charge from the clinic.

For female dogs that squat you may need a flatter container or a saucer. Often, you do not need to collect a large amount of urine.


Collecting a CAT urine sample


The least stressful way of collecting a urine sample from your cat is to pop into the clinic for some non-absorbable cat litter.

Remove all of the old absorbable cat litter from the tray and place only the new non-absorabable litter in there. When your cat urinates in the tray you will then be able to syringe up some of the urine and decant it into a pot that can be provided to you free of charge from our clinic.